About Kosyokunobi

One of the themes of Kosyokunobi is “dyeing in daily life”. That means that dyed products blend into modern life. I have a wish to dye things on a daily basis like cleaning, washing, and housework.
We would like you to use it not only as a material for artists, dyers, crafters and some hobbyists, but also for small children.
There is no good or bad way to use dyes, and I hope that you can enjoy colors and discover your own expression, enjoyment, and joy.

Kosyokunobi is a store specializing in Bengala Dyes. It was established in 1965 as a producer of Bengala paints for temples, shrines,and Japanese wooden homes. In the past, the natural Bengala stains were a mainstay for Japanese wooden buildings because of their superior characteristics of protection against insect infestation, decay, and their ability to protect wood from the sun's ultra-violates rays.
Because of a reduction in wooden structures and as housing styles have modernized, bringing the importation of building materials, the cultural use of Bengala for painting has decreased.
In 1991, Kosyokunobi was launched. Through further research and development of the compounding techniques (for making products) used since the establishment of the company, and by utilizing the beauty of the ancient, Japanese Bengala color we were able to produce Bengala dyes for fabric. Originally there was only red, but by making use of years of experience with the processing techniques of curing temperatures and compounding, we also created other colors such as yellow, black, green, and purple.
There are 12 Bengala color variations made by Kosyokunobi. It would be gratifying if you would appreciate these “nice colors” with the rich and complex heritage of the color combinations, made in the way they have been since ancient times.

Handmade Natural Colors "Bengara"

K-1 Kosyoku
(古色)K-1 Kosyoku
K-2 Gohun
(胡粉)K-2 Gohun
K-3 Fukagawa
(深川)K-3 Fukagawa
K-4 Suoh
(蘇芳)K-4 Suoh
K-5 Ookon
(鬱金)K-5 Ookon
K-6 Taisya
(代赭)K-6 Taisya
K-7 Akane
(茜)K-7 Akane
K-8 Kurotsuchi
(黒土)K-8 Kurotsuchi
K-9 Testushu
(鉄朱)K-9 Testushu
K-10 Tencha
(碾茶)K-10 Tencha
K-11 Haruzakura
(春桜)K-11 Haruzakura
K-12 Ajisai
(紫陽花)K-12 Ajisai


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9-minute walk from Furuichi Station on the Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line
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