About Bengara

Bengala is (iron oxide) iron that comes from the soil, and the origin of the word is from the Bengala area in India as the process was introduced in that area. In Japan, it has been used for coloring ceramics and lacquer ware. It also functions as protection against insect infestation and decay when it is used for staining wood siding for houses.
It is an ancient color, made from the oldest pigments, and has been used since the Old Stone Age. You can also see it in the Lascaux Caves in France and the Altamira Caves in Spain.
Since Bengara is a harmless and natural material, it has been used as a fabric dye and to dye organic products.It is said that the greatest quantity of red soil on earth is iron oxide. Red is a color familiar to human beings, and Bengala, taken from the earth since ancient time, is a main color of the earth.

Bengara are Natural and Environmentally Safe

This is a natural material for dyeing which is also safe for the environment. 
Since it issomething that comes from the soil, you feel good about using something that is natural.